Thursday, November 11, 2010

The "Old" Car

Dear Reader,

We took the old (2006) car in to get serviced today and got unexpected services.  Note, not additional services, just unexpected.  I brought it in thinking I would be buying new brake pads, but apparently I did not need them.  The squeak I heard from my brakes in the morning was just due to a bit of rust.  However, apparently I was about 20,000 miles overdue for a flush of the transmission fluid.  Tsk, tsk...  She's a good "old" car and to treat her (and me) I had them vacuum her dusty inards.  I sang her a song on my way home.



  1. Caroline,

    LOL! You actually sang to your car? Surely, you must be joking, right? :)

    By the way, 2006 is not that old. However, your car is "older" than mine. I'm ahead of you by one year with a 2007 "car beast." :)


    -Lady Rose

  2. I'll sing to anything that "listens"...AKA, doesn't ask me to PLEEEASE stop that howling! Ha!

    I know 2006 isn't that old, but it's our "old" car. It better last a whole lot longer too!