Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will you be my chauffeur?

Am I the only one who sometimes wishes it wasn't rude to ask my husband if I could please just ride along in the back seat?  I mean, just look at this woman and how comfortable she is!  That could be me!  All I would need to do is put on my swaggest evening wear (who am I kidding) and climb in.  Hubby would only have to drive and listen to music without me changing it up on him (boys are too fond of rock in my opinion...give it a rest lads).  Of course, it does help if one's backseat is the size of a swimming pool (refer to photo above for swimming pool/backseat comparison).  Ours isn't bad at all, and is in fact, one of the reasons we settled on the model of SUV we did.  When company comes a'callin' I am forever relegated to the back, middle seat of the vehicle due to my compact size (completely unfair, logic notwithstanding).  I figured, if I am destined to be wedged between friends and loved ones, we better have a mode of transportation that allows for comfort in such situations.  There was one point in the vehicle testing and speculating that I waited until no one was looking and laid my body down between the back seats and the front seats on the floor, just to make sure if I fell, I wouldn't get stuck.  I doesn't make sense and would never happen, but you can never be too prepared, right?  I should have planned that experiment better and done so in a floor length gown, faux fur coat, and satin heels.  Again, you can never be too prepared.