Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will you be my chauffeur?

Am I the only one who sometimes wishes it wasn't rude to ask my husband if I could please just ride along in the back seat?  I mean, just look at this woman and how comfortable she is!  That could be me!  All I would need to do is put on my swaggest evening wear (who am I kidding) and climb in.  Hubby would only have to drive and listen to music without me changing it up on him (boys are too fond of rock in my opinion...give it a rest lads).  Of course, it does help if one's backseat is the size of a swimming pool (refer to photo above for swimming pool/backseat comparison).  Ours isn't bad at all, and is in fact, one of the reasons we settled on the model of SUV we did.  When company comes a'callin' I am forever relegated to the back, middle seat of the vehicle due to my compact size (completely unfair, logic notwithstanding).  I figured, if I am destined to be wedged between friends and loved ones, we better have a mode of transportation that allows for comfort in such situations.  There was one point in the vehicle testing and speculating that I waited until no one was looking and laid my body down between the back seats and the front seats on the floor, just to make sure if I fell, I wouldn't get stuck.  I doesn't make sense and would never happen, but you can never be too prepared, right?  I should have planned that experiment better and done so in a floor length gown, faux fur coat, and satin heels.  Again, you can never be too prepared.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Woman Amidst Men

Some women believe it is better, or easier attempt to fit in with the men that surround them in the workplace.  I find, however, having found myself in the workplace, that it is far better to embrace one's femininity and stand apart, different, special.  All women are special, no matter if we are in the safety of our homes, or standing amidst the masculine crowd of commerce.  I've noticed that a more natural order is restored when we do not try to fight our given cleverness, our usefulness to men, as women.