Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Organized Kitchen

My current kitchen is short on storage space (in my estimation), and because my hobby life is limited to the passion I have for food and cooking, I maxed out every square inch of cabinet and drawer space.  There is even some spill over into the laundry room, something that causes me great discomfort to accept.  So this weekend, because I can do anything I want (it's my birthday on Saturday), I will be picking up some organizational items and really having a go at making my kitchen space work for me.  

A couple items on my list that I already know I'll need:
A very simple spice rack.
A drawer insert for my catch all kitchen gadget drawer.
Shelves to use so I don't stack my Pyrex and Corningware 5 containers high.

But the key to maintaining organization is to plan better, when I'm putting together my meal plans for the week so I don't end up with a stuffed to the brim refrigerator as well. :)

Happy Organizing!