Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Hands

With our wedding behind us, it seems I will have some free time on my hands and I hate to just sit around, so I am thinking of ways to keep myself busy.  I tried knitting and for whatever reason, the muscle memory never quite developed.  I am handy enough at cross stitching, but there are only so many things one can stitch into decoration.  So, next up is sewing.  We received the most lovely wedding gift from a friend of ours, a quilt that includes personal photographs of the two of us throughout the years and her handiwork has inspired me to try a bit of sewing.  Sewing is such a useful hobby.  So useful, in fact, that it's more than a hobby really, it's a noble pursuit.  So sayeth the woman who hasn't sewn before.
Pray for me! :)