Thursday, October 6, 2011

The TV

I was listening to a radio program and two of the men on the show were talking about "regulating" television programming and movie content for the sake of children.  But instead of thinking this was the responsibility of the parents, they were talking about the government intervening and regulating the people creating the TV shows and movies.  I found myself getting a little riled up.  They went on to say, "Well, if as a parent, you stopped to instruct your children against doing things you saw on TV, all you'd ever do is be pausing the television."  Excuse me, but maybe you ought to think about what you're putting into your eyes and heart then if it's that concerning that you feel you have to instruct your children against it.  There are plenty of "wholesome" programs and movies out there.  I fail to understand the logic of giving up.  Just make a choice, make a change, and embrace right whenever the spirit tells you something is wrong.  Turn away, turn the channel, and be happier and less vexed for it.

End rant.

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